Organic Fertility Bible - Proven Fertility Diet And 12-Step Fertility Program

Organic Fertility Bible - Proven Fertility Diet And 12-Step Fertility Program

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I don't care how "old" you are, how many doctors have told you that you will never get pregnant, and how helpless the situation may seem.

You Can Get Pregnant 12-16 Weeks From Now With My Clinically Proven Fertility Diet and Unique 12 Step Fertility Program for Women and Men.

Try the Organic Fertility Bible program, 100% at my risk. If it doesn't immediately get you pregnant in 12-16 short weeks...increase your health and vitality...and give you amazing energy, then send it back...and every penny of your purchase will be returned.

If your current pregnancy "plan" is not getting you pregnant, you need to stop what you're doing right now and continue reading...

First, let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel right now....Depressed, angry, upset, frustrated, and worst of all - hopeless.

When me and my husband first got married we knew we wanted to have kids. But as time passed and our careers moved forward, we still didn't have the baby or babies that we initially planned for.

As time continued to pass, we got worried. It began to dawn on us that maybe we were having problems conceiving.

We finally booked an appointment with a fertility specialist and we both had some tests done. The doctor told me that my fallopian tubes were partially blocked and that my "fertility reserves" were very low. As if that wasn't bad enough, my husband was diagnosed as having a low and poor quality sperm count! How embarrassing!

I was SHOCKED. We were a normal happy and healthy couple. How could we be having infertility problems? The doctor gave us our options and we were left in the dark.

Clomid has side effects including enlarged ovaries, vaginal dryness, insomnia, blurred vision, depression, heavy bleeding during and between periods and dizziness to name a few.  Clomid can also increase the chance of multiple fetuses which can cause problems during pregnancy and delivery and can even threaten the babies' survival.

After much discussion with my husband, I decided to try IVF. Although we didn't have the extra cash for it, we got a second mortgage. I don't know what we were thinking.

I began a 6 month cycle in and out of depression. We didn't have any more options. The doctor told us that we should just give up or start looking at adoption.

I have always been a strong believer in the body's ability to heal itself and I decide to take my infertility problems into my own hands. I began a full on quest to deal with my infertility naturally. I became obsessed with finding a cure for my infertility.

I decided that I wasn't going to give over my fertility to these doctors anymore and that I was going to get pregnant no matter what.

I changed my diet to the FERTILITY DIET, adjusted my lifestyle and spent every waking hour researching natural fertility methods.

I asked my husband to embark on this journey with me as well, although he was hesitant, he reluctantly agreed and started eating a fertility diet as well to help improve his sperm quality and quantity. Together we worked to reverse our infertility.

After 6 months, and almost 5 years since we started this infertility journey - I took a pregnancy test one day and found out that it was positive. IT WAS POSITIVE. I confirmed with the doctor that yes it was indeed positive and I told my husband the INCREDIBLE NEWS.

The fertility diet is a powerful clinically proven method of eating that will help your body to detoxify, lose weight, skyrocket your health and help your body to get pregnant fast.

Why is the fertility diet so powerful? Simply because the fertility diet helps your body to run the way it's suppose to.

Your body wasn't designed to eat fast food, artificial flavors, preservatives and junk, it was meant to eat high quality foods. The fertility diet will teach you exactly what those are and bring your body back to a state of harmony. It's only when you heal your body from the inside, will you be able to get pregnant quickly and naturally.

The 12-Step Fertility Program is a proven step-by-step method that reverses infertility by healing the body, mind, and spirit. The 12-Step Fertility Program worked in conjunction with the Fertility Diet is skyrocket your reproductive wellness, Guaranteed!

I developed this program based on what has helped me become pregnant after I realized how many women could benefit from my natural fertility methods.

My approach involves education, diet, herbal and nutritional supplementation, reduction in fertility pollution, toxins, chemicals, lifestyle habits, exercise to improve the productive response, therapeutic visualization, meditation, internal self-inquiry, emotional support, and cognitive restructuring.

This is also an essential program for fertile couples who just want to prepare for the healthiest conception possible.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a "low sperm count" is defined as a count of less than 20 million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate.

Many men have been able to improve their sperm motility, sperm morphology and increase their sperm count with the Organic Fertility Bible. Most of the people who purchase the Organic Fertility Bible are women but they choose to do the program with their partner as well.

Here is a snapshot of one of my clients sperm analysis's with his physician. He started with no sperm (Azoospermia), improved his sperm count to 9.4 million and then jumped up to an astonishing 110 million. Click on each image to see the sperm analysis in more detail.

Shown below is a sperm analysis from another client who wanted to remain anonymous. Before his sperm count was at 1.8 million per millimetre. After you can see that his sperm count skyrocketed to 12.8 million per millilitre. You can see his morphology improved as well.

Although...


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